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While browsing our products, remember that our “Complete Course” includes 3 programs: Pre-Algebra/”Algebra Readiness”, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2


If you have high-speed internet, our online program is for you! (click to order)

*(VideoText Online comes with no physical books or DVDs, but instead offers access to these materials via the VideoText Online website. $299 pricing reflects licensing for first two students. Add additional students in your family’s household for $49 each. Each student license will last three years from the date it is activated for each individual student (we gladly grant extensions, if necessary), and instructor accounts may also be turned on for a short period by request for SAT/CLEP prep after a student license has expired. Students do not have to be consecutive and the wait time between each activation is unlimited. Online Programs have a full 30-day money back guarantee. Please click here for more information on the online course. )

Please contact 1-800-ALGEBRA, ext. 107 or with further questions about the our online programs.


You may order individual Modules of the VideoText Algebra program, or you may order price-saving packages of 3 or 6 Modules. The 6 individual Modules create our “Complete Course” which includes Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.

(The Classic Version of VideoText comes with one set of corresponding DVDs and print materials.  This includes copies of WorkText, Course Notes, Solutions Manual, Progress Tests, and Instructor’s Guide.)

COMPLETE 6 – Module Package: BEST VALUE (click to order)

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If you already own Module A, you can save money with the purchase of a completer package