VideoText Helpline

Because our instructors need to have a conversation with you or your student in order to determine the nature of the problem, email is not to be used for instructional help with the program.

To reach an instructor for help, call 1-800-ALGEBRA, and a representative will take your information for a helpline instructor to return your call.
When you receive a voicemail message, just leave your name and number, and tell us the best time to return the call.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9-5 PM ET
Voice Mail: 24 hours

To Purchase the Helpline

The VideoText Interactive Helpline comes FREE for those that have purchased our Algebra or Geometry Program NEW through our website, from our authorized distributors, or from our booth at conferences. If you have purchased any of our products used, you will not have the registered benefits of our helpline. If you have purchased our product used, and would like to buy instructor help, please contact us at 1-800-ALGEBRA.

  • Algebra Unlimited Toll-Free Telephone Support  …….$99
  • Geometry Unlimited Toll-Free Telephone Support …….$99