VTI Algebra Pacing – Two Years


The Two-Year Plan for completing the entire Algebra or Geometry program is designed primarily for the middle school or beginning high school student, who has time to go more slowly, and achieve a noticeably higher level of mastery.

In this plan, the student is watching and working with a new lesson every other day, with the quizzes being given on the off-days, as follows:

Day One:

Step 1) The student watches a new lesson, followed by the student re-teaching the lesson to the instructor, using the Course Notes.

Step 2) The student demonstrates understanding by working with 5-10 Exercises (even or odds) in the WorkText.

Step 3) The instructor checks only the answers, and requires the student to do error analysis, using the Solutions Manual.

Day Two:

Step 1) The day starts with a quiz over the previous lesson, if one is prescribed.

Step 2) The instructor grades only the answers, and requires the student analyze the errors, in order to receive partial credit.

This two-day cycle is repeated, allowing the student to complete the entire Algebra program in two years. The student receives Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 credit for this work.

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