What is VideoText Interactive?

VideoText Interactive is an innovative company that is blazing new trails in math education. Our programs, “Algebra: A Complete Course,” and “Geometry: A Complete Course” use new, interactive, video-based strategies to teach Algebra and Geometry from start to finish.  Students love the brief lessons, and the clear explanations of the concepts.

The main components are the “videotext” (the video lessons), and a WorkText.  However, unlike textbooks that may use a video supplement, in this case, the video lessons ARE the textbook!  With computer-generated graphics, animation, and color-sequencing, the student will actually enjoy watching the mathematics concepts develop right on the screen.


Since the real purpose of studying Algebra is to enable the student to develop the ability to think analytically, we MUST use a program that does more than just teach shortcuts, tricks, rules, and formulas. We MUST ensure that the student really understands the “WHY” behind every process! When you choose your Algebra program, use the checklist below to MAKE SURE you have chosen appropriately.

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