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VideoText Interactive is going green and saving you money at the same time!  In these times, as conservation of natural resources becomes more important, VideoText Interactive has an opportunity to partner with you to make a small contribution, while still providing you with the same high-quality instruction you have come to expect.

This exciting news means we have released the online versions of VideoText Interactive Algebra and Geometry! 

  • These are identical to our original Classic Versions, but the Video Lessons, Course Notes, WorkTexts, Solutions Manuals, Progress Tests, and Instructor’s Guides will be accessed electronically, with your own personal password, noticeably reducing the need for books and paper, and no more possibility for lost books or scratched DVDs! Have your online textbook at your fingertips!
  • Choose to print any material you wish. Daily and Unit files allow you to easily print small or large batches of material (Note: Printing material is not absolutely necessary)
  • User-friendly design allows you to navigate the course with ease
  • Content available 24/7 with the ability to access previous and future lessons
  • Detailed instructions encourage independent study, and help to keep you more organized while moving through each program
  • Also, upon finishing an Online Program you may receive an authorized “Certificate of Completion” for your records.
  • First two students will be covered under standard online pricing. Additional students will only cost $49 each, and may be activated later after initial students.

Now you can enjoy the same success that families all over the country have enjoyed with our Classic Versions – for the much lower price of $299! Please contact us at or 1-800-ALGEBRA, ext. 107 for more information or click here to order today!

For those of you that still prefer our Classic Version, we have good news for you, too!  Effective immediately, VideoText Interactive is introducing a new, reduced pricing structure.  We are always aware of, and very sensitive to, the effect of the economy on the homeschool community.  That means we are always trying to find ways to lower production costs, and keep prices down.  In order to maintain the price of our Classic Algebra complete program, we have decided to no longer include the custom-made, sleeved storage boxes, or the zippered DVD cases with the program modules.  Customers will still receive the same high level of instruction, with the same professional quality of video and print, and we will continue to ship product securely.  It will just arrive in simpler packaging.

Boxes and zippered cases will still be available at a reduced price, while our current supply lasts, but you will need to purchase them separately from our order department.

If you have been looking for the best video instruction for your Algebra and Geometry students, you now have two great money-saving options!

Act now and let us help your student excel in this important part of their studies! Click here to start shopping TODAY!

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