User Testimonials


We have homeschooled all six of our children from pre-school to their senior year of high school. We have used many different teaching tools with our definite favorites that have proven to be successful in our learning environment. VideoText Interactive is one of those resources that has been a no-fail curriculum for us to use. The resources that are provided with the course are so helpful while supporting the children’s growth. VideoText uses instruction videos that are short (10 minutes or so) along with lessons to reinforce what was taught. We absolutely love that, for each lesson, there are plenty of problems for the children to practice what they have learned. We also appreciate having two versions of quizzes and tests in the event one of the children does not grasp the concepts as well as we thought.

Five of our children have completed the entire VideoText Algebra course, and have moved on through their college careers with a better understanding of math. Our children excel in math, in part due to their desire to do well, but more attributed to the VideoText curriculum we used consistently to develop their math skills at an advanced level. We have shared our appreciation of VideoText with many, and have seen great things happen for those children who have struggled with other programs. Other homeschool families have moved their children from [curriculum] and [curriculum] to join us in using VideoText.

Thank you VideoText for producing a curriculum that works, is loved by parents, and easily incorporated into any homeschooling learning environment.

Lori W., Los Angeles, CA (January 2017)


Through my years in high school, VideoText made math enjoyable and understandable! Additionally, VideoText explained concepts well and provided excellent, detailed answer keys (showing every step in the process). Mr. Collins (with the VideoText helpline) made math achievable and make sense! With the amazing help of Mr. Collins, I learned so much!! When I was ready for AP calculus, I felt prepared. Thank you for all your help through my high school years!!

Hailey P., Hawarden, IA (November 2016)


I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that your math curriculum changed my daughter’s life. As a young child, it became clear to my husband and me that her spatial/numerical abilities were the most difficult part of learning for her. Follow that with years of math-related tears.  I’m sure the same scenario has played out in many homes across America, but it certainly leaves a child with a sense of dread as higher-level math approaches.  Then I saw Mr. Clark at the FPEA Homeschool Convention in Orlando, FL three years ago and immediately realized that I needed to try the VideoText program with her.  In just that one session, Mr. Clark helped math make more sense to me, a self-described “math lemming” who always followed directions but never knew what was going on.  I hoped he could do the same for my kid.  And he has!!  I just wish you could see my daughter smile.  I never thought I’d see the day where Algebra brought a smile to her face, but thanks to your program, that day has come.  She literally looked at me this morning, after a year of VideoText Algebra, and said, “Mom, now there is not one school subject that I dread. I can actually do Algebra!!”  It has been a glorious year, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  God bless you all!

Meeghan D.
, Orlando, FL (June 2016)


My son used Video Text Interactive for Algebra and Geometry and did exceptionally well! He went on to take Pre-Calculus at a community college and received an A! I am now planning on using the Algebra program for my girls.

Emma H., Middlegrove, NY (September 2015)


This Canadian family loves Videotext Interactive! A family member who teaches high school math is impressed with our boys knowledge and understanding of math and their ability to speak the language of math at a level above most high school students. Our boys will all do grade 11 and 12 at an Ontario secondary school after years of homeschooling. We were not sure where we would be since the method of teaching is different. Thanks to Videotext they will have no problems! Our oldest who has finished Gr. 11, received a 98% in Grade 11 University Functions class! Thanks!!

Heather M., Windsor, ON (December 2013)


Dear Mr. Clark,

….. I was one of the students who finished your geometry program ….. You really do an excellent job of making a truly versatile program that works for all types of math students. I am a strong math student, and I feel your program is far superior ….. I was well prepared for the SAT and was able to get a 770 in the math section. Since I wanted to go to college for mechanical engineering, I felt encouraged when I saw the score. I was accepted to top engineering schools such as Rose-Hulman, though I decided to save money, and go to Penn State University. It’s very well ranked, but still relatively inexpensive, especially with the scholarships I get from the honors program.

My opinion of the VideoText program was reinforced when I was tutoring a homeschool student in Algebra 1. The student was using ….. math and some of the exercises the program required were completely ridiculous. One of the most memorable was a problem asking the student to convert between two units using 12 separate steps. Using the principles I learned in VideoText Algebra, I was able to help the student catch up on his math skills. I also recommended that his family buy VideoText Algebra for the next school year. They took me up on the suggestion and will be using VideoText Algebra for the next school year.

Once again, I would like to thank you for all the thought and work you put into the VideoText programs. It is far superior to any other homeschooling program I am aware of, and I feel it has left me well-prepared for my college career.


Cody, Kirkwood, PA


I have been home schooling for 12 years and VideoText is hands down the best investment we have ever made!  I have one special needs learner and another learner I thought would struggle with Algebra. Not so. As with any subject, we had some hills to climb but VideoText is only a phone call away. One of the major benefits of VideoText is the help line. Larry Collins and Tom Clark are two of the most patient, helpful, friendly gentlemen, and my kids and I extol their praises all the time. Both my son and daughter have been given the choice of changing to a different product that has been widely endorsed over the last couple of years, and were absolutely resolute that they loved VT and begged me to not change. As for me, I was terrified at the prospect of teaching upper grade math as I know my weaknesses. VideoText has made it so easy for me. Any time another homeschool mom asks for my recommendations I sell them on VideoText!  I even let them borrow it for a test drive, but do not plan to sell any of my modules as both my kids said, “Mom keep it because it might come in handy for refreshers for college classes.” Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sandra M., San Bernardino, CA


We home school our five children and when our oldest (now 14) was ready for Algebra, I looked into several possible programs.  We had been using a common spiral approach math program and I was concerned that it would be difficult for him to continue in that method while learning algebra.  I struggled through algebra in high school myself so I was concerned about not being able to help him.

We chose the VideoText program because of the straightforward mastery approach, the well-done videos, the review built-in to all the quizzes and tests, and the thorough solutions manual.  My son worked through the program over the course of two years with no problems making mostly A’s and B’s on his tests.  When he struggled at different points, he could restudy, and there were more problems, quizzes and tests he could go back and retake.  He is now finishing up the last few lessons and is looking forward to getting started in the geometry program!  My daughter, age 13, who is a more reluctant math student, is proceeding through module A with confidence.  Also, I am now really learning the concepts of algebra, and after seeing 5 kids through it I’ll probably know it well enough to teach it!

Thank you for providing such a clear, comprehensive and enjoyable program.  What I feared most about upper-level learning is no longer a fear!

Robyn I., St. Augustine, FL


We LOVE VideoText!!!  I bought all of the Algebra modules and have three children working on different levels and they all love it!!!  Over the past four years I have bought and tried six different math curriculums and trudged through with tears, tantrums, and terrors!!  (It is not pretty to see a tenth grader throw a two year old tantrum!!  Nor is it much fun to stay up until two in the morning trying to stay one step ahead of that tenth grader so we could avoid the two year old temper tantrum fiasco!!)

Enter VideoText!!!  Even my now eleventh grader decided to take Algebra II over when he saw the success and understanding that his two sisters were receiving when they began VideoText this year!  The light bulb has turned on for him and he is flying throughout the curriculum!!  It is not uncommon for him to spend four hours a day buzzing through each module!  He has set a goal to begin the Geometry/Trig modules in January!!  I had considered slowing my two younger children down in the math department since we have had such a hard time (I am an English teacher and math is not my cup of tea!!).  However, with VideoText to the rescue, both I and my eleven year old are excited to begin the VideoText Algebra Modules as early as next year if not earlier!!  And I am sure that the younger ones will follow suit!

Thank you for providing such a wonderful tool for Home School families who want to provide their children with a quality education that exceeds the public school!!  My father has been a public school educator for the last twenty years, teaching advanced and upper level math, and he was really excited to see your program.  He especially appreciated how your curriculum explains each step in each problem so there is no question as to how you arrived at a certain step in each math problem!!  From start to finish there is an explanation if you need it!!

Just so you know, I have been telling EVERYONE I know just how much we are loving VIDEOTEXT!!  I have had several moms stop by our home so that I could show them how easy it is, and my children are quick to chime in to encourage their friends that math does not have to be hard or boring!!   Thank you!   Thank you!!   Thank you!!

Kellie S., Scottsboro, AL


I have been using VideoText going on four years. When I started the series I was horrible at math to say the least. The public school had done little to further my true understanding of math. After a year of completely following the series, I felt the best I had ever about math. It was my least favorite subject, but it became my favorite. The next year, at 13 years old, I took the SATs and got an exceptional score on my math portion. The next year I applied for a University, and they were well aware of the levels of VideoText. The fist class I took was a math class, at age 14, in a college, and I got one of the highest scores of my class. VideoText has been a God-send, and I feel that, without it, I may not have had as true of an understanding of algebraic concepts as I now do.  I am currently on Module “E” of Algebra and plan to continue.

 J. Calloway, Royal Palm Beach, FL


Module A was a breakthrough for my 16 and 14 year olds in really understanding the language of Mathematics!

Laurie J., Shaker Heights, OH


We have completed the entire Algebra course and are just finishing up Module D of the Geometry.  I can’t thank you enough for providing such excellent instruction.  Although my daughter was always an “A” student in math, I didn’t feel that she had conceptual knowledge of the different topics.  Although she could complete any page of the other program we used, she was not able to apply that knowledge to the real world.  Now, she truly understands the concepts, and knows the “whys” behind the formulas.  She no longer has to rely on her memory of the formulas; instead she knows how to reason out each situation.  This is what I call “True Learning.”  Thanks!

Mary H., Harrisonville, MO


We had been using Saxon for 3 years when my 15 year old had her melt down last year.  It took until mid-August to finish, and we skipped the last 3 tests!  We switched to VideoText and she loves it.

Kathy C.,


We have two daughters using VideoText right now.  We tell people about your course whenever the occasion arises and we talk to a lot of people at conventions.  You’d be surprised at how often the subject of math comes up as we talk to people about art!

Brenda & Dan Ellis, Authors of Artistic Pursuits, Arvada, CO


We use VideoText and my non-mathematically-minded daughter is doing great.  I have encouraged my daughter to do only half the practice problems at a time (say, the odds, and the next day, the evens).  That way, if she is struggling with a concept, there are more problems in the text for her to practice on.  This is a great program for kids who have struggled with math, especially Algebra, through other texts.

Eileen in Ramona, CA


We have been using the Algebra program since September and my daughter loves it.  She has not needed my help at all and we’re talking about a child who needed help daily.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Glad to know that you are here just in case we do hit a bump.
Vicky C., West Monroe, LA


Thank you for such a superior product.  It is so user friendly and has made learning Algebra in our household enjoyable instead of dreaded.  Blessings to all of you!

Denise G., Manteca, CA


We finished VideoText Algebra this past week — I did a class with 5 students, 3 of whom were high school seniors who had tried and hated almost every other Algebra program we had found. VideoText Algebra worked!  I can’t say that any of those 3 loves Algebra now — but they certainly know way more Algebra then they did a year ago!  And they did it — they finished Algebra 2 — no small feat for any of them. Or for me!

As a result of our experiences this year, I definitely plan to use Algebra VideoText with my younger students, and I will recommend it highly to other homeschoolers I know.

Also, in case anyone cares, we did the entire program in 1 year with those 5 students — not a pace I would recommend, but it can be done!  And at that pace, the weakest student in the class was pulling high B’s and low A’s on all the tests all the way through.

Cathy J., Madison, AL


I just wanted to let you know that we are so incredibly happy with our Videotext Algebra program (bought through your Canadian distributor, ADS). It saved us a lot of headaches this past year. We will continue using it next year (and with our other children). Many thanks for making such a wonderful, easy-to-use program for such a difficult subject.

Tim & Claire M., Lucknow, ON


My son did modules A-C in 8th grade and D-F in 9th grade without any supplemental materials, and he did great. Last year (10th grade), we signed him up for a geometry class and his teacher was impressed with his knowledge in Algebra. She told him that he must have had a good Algebra II teacher!   My son is now in 11th grade and taking College Algebra at out local Community College and is doing very well!

Robin S., Oviedo, FL


Thanks so much for your wonderful Algebra and Geometry materials!!  My senior just scored 34 on his ACT and both of your math courses helped him do so well.

Trish R., St. James, MO


Thank you so much for creating VideoText Algebra. My 8th grader was struggling with math and it was taking me an hour a day of one-on one tutorial to help him with his daily lessons. With three other children and one on the way I was dreading 9th grade Algebra.

We decided to try VideoText as a solution. After taking the time to get my son started on the program he has whizzed along virtually on his own and finished the Algebra 1 lessons in one semester. He is motivated to finish Algebra 2 by the end of 9th grade. Now he looks forward to math time. VideoText Algebra has been a blessing to the whole family because I am freer to attend to other children and my new highschooler is cheerful!

I have now used your program with my second highschooler and he did even better with it. He loves math, and at 15 is now enrolled in a Pre-Calculus distance learning class at Indiana State University. He was very motivated by the independence he gained using the VideoText curriculum, and now is motivated to try a class for college credit. The VideoText curriculum was just what this teenaged boy needed to find his niche and some desired autonomy. Thanks again.

Nora M., Westland, MI


I bought your Algebra videos and we just love them!  We are through the first two modules and didn’t know it could be so easy.  Why didn’t someone have these when I was in school?!  Thanks for making the higher math easy for us to teach and learn.

We have now finished all of the modules with my first child and will be using them with two more children next year. I am so blessed that we have such wonderful resources available to us as homeschoolers. Thanks for making it possible to be a successful and to feel confident as a teacher of Math!

Melissa S., Gaston, IN


We have just finished Module A with our daughter, who is a junior.  She asked to be homeschooled this year, and we agreed to do it after a lot of prayer and consideration.  She has always tested well in math, but not done as well in class as I thought she was capable of.

We have been very pleased with VideoText Algebra.  After a few initial discussions about the necessity of doing the homework like the examples, to facilitate comprehension, the lessons have gone very smoothly so far.  I am learning too! (I never took any math in college, because of a traumatic experience in Algebra 2 & Trig. many years ago.)  Thank you for your program.  I will recommend it, whenever anyone asks.

Fran S., Homewood, IL


In 2003 my daughter was in 11th grade.  This was her last ditch effort to accomplish Algebra.  Everything else failed when we got to the harder concepts.  Her evaluator told her that she could not continue to limp through Algebra.  She then did very well with VideoText Algebra.  I only wish that I had bought Video Text the year before when I looked at it at the convention, for my daughter’s sake.  It is worth every penny!  Having tried several programs, including well-known traditional texts, my daughter said she finally understood concepts that were not sufficiently explained in the traditional texts.  She now has confidence.

Terri T., Waynesboro, PA 


My older son used VideoText for 2 years.  My now 11 year old watched the videos along with him.  My 16 year old said from the beginning that Module A explained things to him in a much clearer way than he learned when he was in the advanced math program in public school, or when we tried Saxon Algebra ½.  My 11 year old has also been watching the videos and, even though he is not currently doing Algebra, he is using the information that has been covered in Module A to solve his math problems in his grades 4-6 math books.

Karen B., Felton, PA


I attended a VideoText session at a homeschool convention out of desperation. It was the year before my daughter was to begin algebra, and I could only draw from my own frustrating, tearful experience. As the convention facilitator explained that we were going to work together through an algebra problem to understand the “why” of the solution, my heart started pounding and my palms began to sweat. However, within minutes, I was totally amazed at how logical the method was. I told the person next to me that if I had learned algebra this way, it would have totally changed my education. As we purchased the Video Text program later that day, we were told that students finishing the course could test out of college algebra with a CLEP test. That became my daughter’s goal. At age fourteen, after finishing her ninth grade year, she passed the CLEP test! We are so grateful for the difference Video Text made.

Deidre H., Moore, SC  (Sept. 2014)


I am beyond impressed with this curriculum! My 13 year old son took the college placement test for math yesterday. He scored 384 out of 390 and will be taking College Algebra this summer. The testing officials were obviously surprised that a 13 y.o. homeschooler was able to achieve such a high score on the 1st standardized test he has ever taken! I know he has mastered the material because he finished the last module 3-1/2 months ago, but time did not permit testing then. He remembered it- priceless! He is halfway through with VideoText Geometry now, and we are equally impressed. Thank you VideoText! We have recommended this many times over and will continue at every opportunity!

Julia P.Tomball, TX  (May 2014)


We bought the complete algebra course for a 9-10th grader who had struggled for 3 years to learn algebra. His 6-7th grade brother used the program at the same time. We took a little over a year. Both found the techniques slow and cumbersome and a nuisance at the start. But, by the end, the reason for those techniques made sense. Both boys now know their stuff. They test well and, more importantly, actually understand what they are doing. I watched the videos with them so I could help if necessary, but they mainly did the problem sets on their own and corrected their own work. I administered quizzes and tests to keep them honest. It was reasonably painless and very effective. We plan to use the geometry/trig/precalculus course next fall.

Anna T., Indianapolis, IN  (May 2014)


My homeschooled 15-year-old daughter says that even when things don’t make sense “at first,” she always has the ah-ha moment when it all comes together for her while using VideoText Algebra. She says, “Oh! That’s why they taught me that back there. I didn’t understand it at first, but now it makes perfect sense.” Most of our friends use [other math program] and are NOT having that same success. I thought you would appreciate hearing this positive feedback (unsolicited, and from a teenager!).

Letti B., Lees Summit, MO  (Jan. 2014)


I have been using other math courses, and I could never get a firm hold on algebra. But when I transferred to Videotext Online, everything changed, and I could actually could understand algebra for the first time!

Maverick D., Wilmington, NC (Oct. 2013)


Oh where do I begin. I am sure you get letters like this a lot. (you must, you’re THAT GOOD). And maybe it is becoming “routine” for you. But there is nothing routine about what we have been experiencing here.

We had been considering homeschooling for a couple of years. When my daughter Emily entered 8th grade, it became VERY apparent that it was time. I am already a stay at home/work from home mom but I most certainly never thought I was capable of teaching my children “school stuff.” That was for the “experts.”

But here I was, confronted with that very decision. Through advice from a friend, I attended a MACHE homeschooling conference in my area last spring (2013). My biggest fear was teaching my daughter math. This is where she struggled the most. She had some very horrible experiences with uncaring teachers in this area and she was now shut down hard about anything to do with math. So it was paramount to me that I find something that would work and work well.

During the conference, once we were “let loose” into the main arena, I was overwhelmed with all of the booths and curriculums that were available. I almost cried with defeat right then and there. So I said a prayer asking to PLEASE be led to the right place. I went to a booth [company name] as it was the only name I recognized from the pre-research I had done. I spoke to a lady there who said that since my daughter was going to be high school age, their curriculum might not be the best fit since it was one that built on the previous modules from earlier grades?  Then, with a look of serious resolve, she pointed to the booth next to her and said “THAT is the one you should be speaking to.”

And lo and behold it was the VideoText Interactive booth. And the guy who was there speaking about the program caught my eye and smiled. It just felt like one of those “God things.” 🙂

I went up and he explained the program, and how it emphasizes the “why” of math. I listened, but honestly, I was not really convinced that anyone COULD know “why.” Nobody REALLY understands the “why” of math….except maybe space engineers or something, right?

However, regardless of that, I bought the program for 2 reasons.
1. God CLEARLY was guiding me to.

2. The sales guy seemed authentic and was very convincing. And if what he was telling me was true, I knew it was the PERFECT program for my daughter. Plus there was the risk free guarantees that I could return it if not satisfied. 😉

We are now into our 4th week of using the program. Not only is Emily cruising through each lesson/quiz with an A….but she knows WHY! YOU WEREN’T KIDDING!!! And more than that…. I KNOW WHY!!!! I watch those videos and it is like lightbulbs going off all over the place. Math is a LANGUAGE! And you can’t DO it until you learn how to SPEAK it!

But all of this was just a lead in to what I really wanted to write to you about……

Last week, we had a bit of a struggle. We were on lesson 4 and 5 and she was really struggling with the whole percent/decimal/fraction thing. She had been through it before and never got it. Admittedly, I never did learn that concept either. And it was a day where I had somewhat left her to herself to watch the video and do the assignment. (bad idea. I now know experientially why you strongly recommend the parent to watch the video with the child). Predictably, we had a meltdown. So, (and this is the freedom of homeschooling) we chose to put it away until the next day.

The next morning, we went back over the videos TOGETHER. The first light bulb moment was when the word “percent” was described. Per-cent. Per-100. EUREKA!!! A whole number is 100% of something. So a fraction is a PART of 100!!! DUGH! WHY didn’t anyone ever TEACH that to me (or her) before! From there, I was able to teach Emily that decimals and 0’s interact like they are waltzing. If the decimal dances to the right…so do the zero’s (ie you add them on) and if it dances to the left, you take the zero’s away. And vice versa.

So on Fri the time came for the quiz. When I began to correct it she was on pins and needles. Crossing her fingers with her head down and eyes closed. I handed her the quiz. PERFECT SCORE!!!!

But what happened next is something I will Never. Ever. Forget.

She first jumped and screamed for joy. Then she put her hands to her face and sat down and said “ohhhh man!” And I said “what’s wrong??” She took her hands away from her face and she was crying, but also smiling. She said “I’ve never felt this way before, mom. I’ve never ever felt like this before.” And I said “what do you feel?” And she said “like I really AM smart. I feel successful.” She went on to say “mom, if this had been at school, I would have gotten like a C or D on this. Because NOBODY would have taken the time to explain it to me a 2nd time. And then we would have went on to the next thing and I would already be lost. THAT is why I wasn’t good in math. Not because I wasn’t smart, but because nobody took time to show me a 2nd time. But you did. I get homeschooling now. And I get math!!!” So we had a little hallmark moment and hugged/cried it out and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon celebrating.

Like I said, this probably sounds cliché’ to you guys after all this time….but when you are a parent, and you hear it from your own child for the first time, it is a miraculous milestone. In the end, it is not about Algebra though.(and I think you guys already know that, don’t you. 😉 ). It is about the confidence it instills in them to tackle anything that challenges them. It shows them HOW to think, not WHAT to think (ie formulas and rote memorization). AND TO DO IT AT THEIR OWN PACE! I get it now. And most importantly, SHE gets it. And SHE KNOWS WHY!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You literally are an answer to our prayers.

Jodie F., Zumbrota, MN (Sept. 2013)


We have used multiple courses over the years with varying results. Our son really likes this course of study and his confidence has really grown. He loves the interaction with the video and the fact that he can rewatch it whenever he wants/needs to and as many times as he likes. The explanations are very thorough and interesting. Combined with the information in the student work text and having him discuss/explain the concept before beginning to work on problems, I feel that he is getting a much better grounding in Algebra than I ever got! I’ve learned so much about why things work and how to use logic, reason, and thinking in order to solve problems. Wish I’d had this kind of learning experience when I was taking Algebra.

Our son was able to progress steadily and comfortably through the materials. His grasp of the materials was very good as evidenced by his excellent performance on the unit test at the end of Algebra Module A.  We’ve purchased the entire Algebra course and are looking forward to working through Module B and beyond. Glad to see that there is a Geometry to Pre-Calc course available. I’m looking forward to really learning and understanding those subjects this time around. Thank you for producing such excellent materials that encourage reasoning and thinking skills. I encourage others to give your materials a try whenever the opportunity presents itself. Finally, we’ve found something that really works. Please consider producing materials for use earlier in the mathematics learning process!

Cindy S.Loveland, CO (Sept. 2012)


Dear Mr. Clark, I just listened to a CD of your “What to Teach in Math” talk at the CHEA conference in 2004. I thought it was about time you heard our success story using your Algebra course. Our oldest son did not like arithmetic at all, but he wanted to be a scientist like his father who is a geneticist. We kept reminding him that he needed to have good math skills to be a scientist, which, as you can guess, did not really encourage him in his endeavors. During a very tumultuous year full of medical challenges, a new baby, and then an international move, I forgot that he hadn’t finished [math curriculum] ( we had borrowed it) and decided to move him right into algebra using “Key to…” He struggled and struggled. My husband said, well, he himself never really “got” algebra with that unknown x and all, but he really liked geometry, maybe that would be better. So after a year I moved him into [math curriculum]’s Geometry. (I know you are cringing right now, but it does have a happy ending!) I didn’t realize that geometry required so much algebra! My poor boy. At one point he asked me if there was maybe another career choice I could help him make because he did NOT like math. Along came your Videotext Algebra as offered in the Sonlight catalog. I gulped at the price, but figured I could use it with the three other kids. During the first set, our son kept saying, “I get it now!” He flew through the rest of the course, did Trig by MUS by himself and tackled calculus in junior college….and loved it. Long story short, he has just graduated from the University of Hawaii-Hilo with a double major in Astronomy and Physics and added a Math minor “for fun” (and because he really liked one professor.) He plans to go on to graduate school, and he talks about trying to figure out how young he can teach his own kids calculus!

We’re working slowly through long division and fractions with his 12 year old brother…still waiting for it to click with him. He pretty much gets the idea, but doesn’t seem to care if the answer is right or not!

Thank you so much for putting your course together. Sometimes it takes patience and just the right time to teach something, and sometimes it’s just the right curriculum.

Sarah B. (Mother to Daniel – BS Astronomy, BA Physics, Math minor)Zamora, CA (Jan. 2012)


We embarked on our math journey using the well reviewed [another math curriculum]. However, upon entering the higher level the text became confusing, and over technical. Most importantly, it did not explain why, only how!!  Since beginning VTI Algebra this year, I can say we complete math each day with a clear understanding of why it we use it, and where it is applicable. My eighth grade student will be taking math at the local community college
next year thank to VTI Algebra!!  Thank you to all of you!!

Sarah N.Brooksville, FL (Feb. 2011)


I just had to write you and share my success story. My daughter just completed your algebra course. After years of struggling with math, I saw her attitude improve and even on occasion heard her say, “Actually, algebra is kind of fun.” I did every lesson with her so that I could help her, and so I could prepare myself to help her four younger brothers when their time comes. By the end of Module F, she was actually explaining things to me, because those conic sections and logarithms threw me for a loop!

Yesterday we both took the math placement exam at the local community college. I took it for two reasons. First, I wanted to see if I could pass it—just for fun! Secondly, I wanted to know what was on the test in case my daughter didn’t pass and needed help studying for a second attempt. We had to complete 45 problems in 45 minutes, and the results would determine if my daughter would have to retake algebra at the college. Many of my friends’ children took algebra in high school but had to retake it at the college because they couldn’t pass the test. Well, we just got our results back, and we both passed! At age sixteen, she can go directly into a college-level math class.

I feel like I want to become a Videotext Algebra distributor! I absolutely attribute her (and my) success to your wonderful program. Thank you so much for giving homeschoolers the means to pursue math excellence at home.

Heather J., El Dorado, CA (April 2009)


My 14-year-old son just finished Algebra Module B, and we are still loving your curriculum. I am so grateful we found you and have been spared the misery we were starting to experience with our other programs. My son is now preparing for his College Algebra CLEP while he completes the Algebra modules, and I’m confident he will do fine. We know a student who recently took a college algebra course, and he called us for help when he got stuck, and we already had the necessary knowledge to help. Thanks for all your help and for creating such a great product.

Truly a blessing. I LOVE the clarity with which each video lesson is taught. There has not been one, single, confusing moment

C. AndersonLogan, OH (Feb. 2009)


My 11 yo (5th grader who was 10 when we started) is doing this program right now.  We are on Module C. We started in July.  Because of the nature of the program, with short lessons and few problems each day, he is doing just fine.  We are on the 2-yr plan, with him doing videos/explanations/odd exercises one day, and a quiz the next.  We do evens and a second quiz if he does not do well on the first day.  The unit tests we split up into two days if he feels overwhelmed.  No rush to get through, we just plug away. My 12-yo 7th grader is behind in math ([other curriculum] right now), and is finally “getting it” and starting to do more work 3-4 pages daily rather than 2). She asked if we could catch up to her friends by the start of high school.  So I told her we would do [the next level of other curriculum] next, then VT Algebra on the 1-year plan, work through both summers, and she would be AHEAD of her friends by high school.  She just has to be willing to work hard (and do more work each day than her brother).  Well, she is definitely a hard worker, and so excited to start this program as soon as possible. Just wanted to let you know it’s working, even for younger kids. It was a very easy transition.

Danika R.CA (April 2015)


I have two children that used your program through high school.  Both are homeschooled.  My eldest daughter earned a 2120 on her SAT and having received a great academic scholarship she has just completed her 1st year of college at a private college in VA and loves math.  She is considering majoring in it.   Her cumulative gpa in college is 3.937 thus far.  My second daughter graduated in 3 years from high school.  She doesn’t love math the way her older sister does but because of your program she found it interesting and earned a 1920 on her SATs.  She has been accepted into several private colleges that she has applied to with great scholarships offered to her.  Both of them only took the SAT once to earn these scores.  I don’t believe either could have achieved these things without the Videotext program.  It is great!  Math is not my forte.  This program was a life saver.  Instead of the agony I had anticipated, I found myself actually becoming mildly interested in math.  Not loving it but, no longer hating it!  I promote the use to the Videotext program whenever the opportunity arises.  Thank you!

Pauline G.
,  Lancaster, CA (June 2015)


You asked about our experience with VideoText, so I wanted to share with you what a great few years we have had using your program. When we began homeschooling, we used [another] program, which we enjoyed until we began the Algebra unit. Then, our math sessions usually ended up with one or both of my kids in tears and the frustration level between all of us was very high. We completed [another] Algebra 1, and then decided to switch to VideoText. The change in my kids and their attitudes towards math was astonishing. I can honestly say that we have not had one tear shed over Algebra in two years! The pacing was great, the videos were very easy to follow and the number of questions seemed neither excessive nor minimalist. Overall, our experience with VideoText Algebra was an answer to prayer!

We have had a similar positive experience with the Geometry course. As a side note, my kids are seeing a tutor to prepare them for the ACT, and he asked to see the Geometry course schematic, etc. He commented that he has never seen a more complete and thorough geometry course in all his years.

We wish you much success, and will continue to wave the VideoText flag in the homeschool community.

Jane B.,  Langley, BC (August 2015)


After completing the VideoText Algebra course in 1.5 years, my 13 year old son took the college Algebra CLEP test and passed!  Through the clear video instruction and the practice problems, quizzes, and tests, he learned the algebraic concepts quite thoroughly. Many thanks to all of you at VideoText Interactive!  Now…on to VideoText Geometry!

Jill H.
, Bovina, TX (February 2007)


We are loving VideoText Algebra! The lessons are short and focused. There are quizzes every couple of lessons and unit tests, so it is very easy to make sure that the students get it.  There are plenty of options for extra practice available, if necessary. So far, retention has been phenomenal, and my daughter actually asks to do math. She loves the format, and it’s easy for her to understand. I will definitely continue using this, and plan to use it with my younger child as well.

April, HSBC Member (May 2019)


My 8th grade son is absolutely loving this Complete Algebra Course from VideoText Interactive Online. As a teacher, I love seeing the simple, direct teaching style used in this platform! It is excellent for the student/parent/teacher to engage in learning, teaching, and mastering each lesson. My son is excited every day to begin his Algebra lessons and is able to complete his work fairly quickly with a solid understanding. This so amazing since, even though he likes arithmetic, he seemed to make the lessons drag out no matter the curriculum we chose in the past. We will definitely be using this through his 9th grade year to complete his entire “lot” of HS credits for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & Algebra 2. Thank you VideoText-Interactive and Homeschool Buyers Co-op!

M. Powell, HSBC Member (January 2020)


We purchased VideoText Algebra after talking with Mr. Clark at a convention and seeing his passion and desire for all students to understand math. This resonated with me, and when I saw his credentials, I knew this was a product worth looking into.

Being a more “English/History” person, I came home and showed my “Math/Science” husband the scope/sequence of the Algebra and Geometry programs. He said he had never seen a math program so clearly laid out. We then proceeded to watch a few videos online and, after watching a few, he said there were a couple times he had wondered why the concepts had been presented in a certain way…but then it made complete sense when he saw what they were teaching. He saw the logical (and thorough) way things were being taught, and he was impressed.

My oldest had taken Algebra I and II with another program, and I was looking for something that would take her through Trig/Pre-Calculus her junior year. Since she didn’t need to re-cover all the material, I was unsure where to start. VideoText’s support staff told me which tests to administer and grade to be able to figure out any gaps/holes and where her previous learning had ended.

Because each test question is labeled on the answer key by unit and lesson, I was able to mark which lessons my daughter missed problems from. It then became apparent what level she had reached with her former curriculum. (I should also add that she had received an “A” in both Algebra I and II so she had a pretty solid understanding of math concepts already. It could be harder with a student who didn’t grasp them as well.) I then had her do some earlier VideoText lessons that correlated with problems she had missed to try to help her understand those things better, and then moved her to the unit where she needed to begin. Once she finished that, she was ready to do the end of the geometry program, and Mr. Clark called me personally and told me exactly what to have her do to finish that segment up. Wow! I was so impressed with his desire to help me be successful in this endeavor.

My oldest daughter’s senior year she took Calculus I from LeTourneau (online) and got a 98% in the class. VideoText clearly prepared her well for the higher level math!

My “non-math” student just finished VideoText’s Algebra program and has been getting “A’s” regularly. I’m so thankful that she is not only making it through, but she is actually understanding it!

Thank you, Mr. Clark, for providing this much needed service to the homeschooling community. Your passion and hours of effort to help students understand the “why” behind math concepts is invaluable! We look forward to our other children benefiting from your expertise in the years to come.

Christine L., Tyler, TX (July 2019)