VTI Algebra Pacing – 3 years


The three-year plan is appropriate only for the entire Algebra program, and is designed primarily for the very young student, who is proficient in Arithmetic, and needs to progress, but is apprehensive about starting Algebra.

In this plan, the student is moving very slowly at first, and accelerates through the period of the three years, as follows:


The student will take this full year to complete the 27 lessons in Unit I (Module A), generally doing one lesson per week, as follows:

Day One

A new concept will be introduced.

Step 1) As is usual, the student will participate in the concept development, by watching the Video Lesson.

Step 2) The student will teach the lesson back to the instructor, using the Course Notes.

Step 3) The student will work 5 exercises (even or odd).

Step 4) The instructor will check only the answers, requiring the student to use the Solutions Manual to analyze errors.

Day Two

Student understanding will be assessed.

Step 1) The student takes a quiz (Form A) over the previous day’s lesson if one is prescribed.

Step 2) The instructor grades only the answers, and requires the student analyze the errors, in order to receive partial credit.

Day Three

The student repeats the activities of Day One, watching the lesson again, and doing five more exercises (even or odd).

The benefit here, is like watching a movie the second time. The student will pick up details that may have been missed, and will also be reinforcing what was seen the first time.

Day Four

The student repeats the activities of Day Two, taking Form B of the quiz, and assessing the results as before.

Day Five

This may be a “Fun Friday”, which is used to play a math game, or just a “free day”, as a reward for good work.


The student begins with Unit II (Module B) and now does two lessons each week (as in the two-year plan), but still reserves Friday for review, or math games, etc. The student will have then covered half the program by the end of year two.


The student will now begin with Unit V (Module D), and do a new lesson every other day, as in the two-year plan. This will allow the student to complete the program by the end of year three.

THREE-YEAR PLAN (variation)

There is also a variation on the three-year plan, which allows a more developmentally ready student to move a little faster in Unit I (Module A), but continue at a relaxed pace throughout the program, as follows:

Day One

As before, the student will watch the Video Lesson, teach the lesson back using the Course Notes, do 5-10 Exercises (even or odd) from the WorkText, and check and analyze solutions, using the Solutions Manual.

Day Two

As before, the student will take a quiz on the concept from the previous day’s lesson, if one is prescribed, and the instructor will grade the quiz, requiring the student to analyze any errors.

Day Three

As a strong reinforcement, the student watches the Video Lesson again, and does five exercises (even or odd) to demonstrate mastery.

This three-day cycle will allow the student to finish the whole program in three years, covering approximately two modules per year.