Trade & Save


Well, here’s the exciting news! We want to offer you credit for trading in your used product!

That’s right. You can now trade in your used DVD or VHS modules! For each module you trade in, you will receive $35 credit toward the purchase of either of our online programs, each of which includes access for 2 students. Plus, as a part of this special program, additional students will cost only $25 (a 50% discount).

So, here’s your chance to enjoy ALL the benefits of our award-winning online courses, and, at the same time, make your Homeschool Mathematics instruction much more portable, allowing you to access the VideoText Interactive materials anywhere. Use your laptop, your iPad, or your iPhone, without having to carry around all of the print and DVDs.

And here’s an additional benefit! As a participant in this trade and $ave program, for a small fee we will let you keep your Student WorkTexts for reference, if you wish, so you don’t have to print them out from the Online course.


Are you excited about the possibility of moving ahead with either of our online courses?

If you would like more details, contact customer service at 1-800-ALGEBRA (254-3272), ext 103 or 107 or email us at

Click our VideoText Interactive Online logo below to log in as a guest and sample an Online Lesson!

NOTE: You need only to send the books and VHS tapes or DVDs to qualify for the trade-in. All trade-ins are final, and the customer is responsible for shipping modules to the VideoText Interactive Fulfillment Center.